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Mafco Aqua Research is a house of water treatment system designer as per customer demand by high professionals. Our motion is “to rescue valuable life from impure water”.

We know that, more than 80% of disease comes from impure water. In this circumstance, to save the life, we should take pure water for all purpose.

As per reports of the Daily Newspapers & TV, the Quality of Supplied Drinking Water is not safe for health.

In connection with the above subject, We are Design of a RO (Reverse Osmosis) & UV (Ultraviolet) water purification machine for Drinking Water, We also designed DM (De-mineralized) & DI (De-ionized) plant for Lab Water and all kinds of WTP (Water Treatment Plant) as per your requirements for Softening, Bathing, Cooking & Washing with low cost.

Mafco Aqua Research is capable to proved, install, service & maintenance all kinds of water treatment plant.

Our products are imported from Taiwan, Korea, China, UK.

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